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Pat Scroggins
President NCOC

Wes Price

The purpose of the National Chinese Owl Club is to promote, breed and show the Chinese Owl Pigeon. The club has seven districts, with up to 3 district directors. Each district generally has two sanctioned meets per year. In addition to the district meets, we have an annual meet with the National Pigeon Association. We also have an annual young bird show and an annual fall meet. The annual fall meet is decided by the president and is usually placed
with our largest all age show. In recent years it has been placed in Des Moines, Iowa. Normally, the annual young bird show and the annual fall meet, each have over 300 quality Chinese Owls . I believe the largest entry at the NYBS was 403. The competition is great, but the fellowship is greater.

In addition to a certified judge program, we have a points system to recognize excellence in breeding and showing Chinese Owls. Points are also given for judging and development of new colors. We have a Hall of Fame program to recognize specific Chinese Owls that excel in NCOC competition.

The Chinese Owl is a sturdy little bird, and a challenge to breed. They are prolific and have a beak long enough to feed their young. They are considered a structure pigeon, and a challenge to raise an exceptional bird. Most of our exhibitors are willing to sell good quality birds to new members, at a reasonable price. We have been blessed with many Junior members and try to encourage them as much as we can.

We try to publish an informative newsletter every other month, with photos of winning birds and club members. We presently send many newsletters via e-mail attachment. This is a help for our members in different countries.

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